About us

TianJin HuaGang foreign trade department, under the TianJin HuaGang
Investment & Development Co.,LTD, it is a subsidiary under TianJin
YaTie Group that have 9 branches and 3 factories in our domestic
market, established in 2003 with a registered capital of 35 million yuan,
featuring an integration of domestic and foreign steel business. Our
company is the prime agent of big mills in China, including AnSteel、
BaoTou Steel Group、ShouGang、HeBei Iron & Steel Group, TianTie
Steel and so on. We are specializing in: hot rolled、cold rolled、
galvanized、galvalume、pre-painted galvanized steel、silicon steel
and corrugated for roofing etc.

About our products

Cold Rolled Steel (CR)
Cold Rolled sheet has superb sheet shape and surface quality with good
flatness and surface finish. The surface of the cold rolled steel sheet is
clean and bright and easy for coating. They are widely applied to
automobile, household appliances, machine manufacturing, construction,
hardware etc.

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel (GI)
Hot dip galvanized steel is a method to get metal coating by immerging
iron and steel structural frames in molten zinc, which has good corrosion
resistance and ductility.

Pre-painted Steel (PPGI/PPGL)
Using hot dip galvanized sheet, galvalume steel, electrical galvanized
sheet and cold rolled steel sheet as substrate, prepainted steel sheets is
made by roll coating one or more layers of liquid coating after surface
pretreatment, and then go to the final step is to bake and cool. Prepainted
steel sheet has good durability, corrosion resistance and formability.

Corrugated Steel Sheets
Corrugated sheet has the characteristics of light weight, high- strength,
colorful, convenient construction, seismic resistance, fireproof, rainproof,
long service life, maintenance free.

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